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Introducing Pratt Family Greenhouse

Gabriel Pratt, at the age of 18 started Pratt Family Greenhouse when he graduated from high school in 2011.

With the help of family members from their home on Route 2 in Newport, Maine, Gabe initially used a picnic table for the business’ roadside display and sold 30 hanging baskets that first year. The next year, he sold 75, followed by 300 the year after that.

Eventually the operation outgrew the space at the family home, prompting Gabe to buy the nearby property where Pratt Family Greenhouse now operates.

Today, Pratt Family Greenhouse sells more than 3,000 hanging baskets as well as numerous plant varieties constituting tens of thousands of individual products, including bedding annuals, perennials, veggie seedlings, trees, shrubs, fall mums, and Christmas wreaths.

Gabe credits the business’ growth to longtime customers who have supported him since that first year, as well as numerous local businesses who now buy from him. The customer base, once consisting mostly of locals, has expanded geographically over the years, too, making Pratt Family Greenhouse a garden center destination for Central Maine.

“The support from this community has been fantastic. Our long-standing customers have helped us grow—not only by their willingness to buy local, but also by spreading the word to their neighbors, friends, and family,” It’s not uncommon for followers of the greenhouse’s Facebook page to say they’re gearing up to make their annual road trip to shop!

Pratt Family Greenhouse, desires to satisfy our customer’s needs by providing friendly, helpful service and a large selection of quality plants at competitive prices. Our mission is to serve this community in a manner that honors Christ, thanking God, who has blessed us always. We continue to look to Him for guidance. “We thank God every day for the success we have had.”

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